WRECK CITY: an Epilogue for 809

WRECK CITY is a community-based art experiment re-imagining nine houses scheduled for demolition as temporary art, installation and performance spaces. Instigated by the co-founders of 809 Gallery, WRECK CITY is organized by a collective of eight artist-curators who have selected 100 artists, musicians, and performers to participate in transforming the houses. This newly formed community of artists intends to spend one month working onsite to produce a neighbourhood of magical and critically engaging spaces, made possible only by the freedom of working inside houses soon to be destroyed. This project involves over 100 Calgary-based artists, musicians and performers, creating a dazzling opportunity for collaboration and community participation. The general public will be invited to experience the homes from April 19-27, 2013. WRECK CITY is free to all ages, and is open to everyone.

WRECK CITY is the very first independent project of its kind and scale in Calgary – possibly even in all of Canada. The project invites a unique subculture to play together, creating a temporary neighbourhood of creative partnerships. The artists in turn invite the community to share in this unusual event, interacting with art in a novel and unintimidating atmosphere. Their hope is to catalyze connections between diverse groups of people and create conversations about the potential of alternative spaces.

Conceptually, everything about WRECK CITY screams Calgary. This will be an opportunity to showcase Calgary’s innovative arts community to the rest of Canada, and create a lasting legacy for a neighbourhood of homes. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for 100+ artists to work with tons of freedom on a wildly collaborative and uninhibited project. It’s definitely worth investing in!

WRECK CITY is 100% self-initiated, self-directed, and self-funded (with the exception of a $1,000 grant received from The Awesome Foundation). There are tons of ways to help support this project, including volunteering, telling your friends, attending events, or donating to the InvestYYC crowd-sourcing campaign. Their goal is to raise $11,000 through this campaign, and all donations will receive a charitable tax receipt, and Calgary Arts Development will match contributions up to $2,500. Bucci Developments Ltd. has also pledged to match funds dollar-for-dollar up to $2,500.

Funds raised through this platform will help to cover material costs, equipment rentals, hardware, safety materials, print marketing, and professional fees for WRECK CITY artists and curators.

For more information, please visit www.wreckcityproject.wordpress.com or e-mail wreckcitycalgary@gmail.com.