World-wide quality of life survey places cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa at or near the top.

Mercer Human Resource Consulting’s overall quality of life survey has revealed that Zurich and Geneva are the world’s top-scoring cities. The report pushes Vancouver down a place to rank third, behind the Swiss cities.

Calgary ranks as the world’s top city for health and sanitation, according to the survey’s Health and Sanitation Rankings. The Canadian city is ranked just above Honolulu, a more attractive tourist destination. Helsinki and Ottawa follow closely in the rankings in fourth position, followed by Montral and Vancouver in ninth positions. Toronto is in 18th position. All of the Canadian cities surveyed by the Health and Sanitation Rankings category appear in the top 20 rankings.

Scores are based on the quality and availability of hospital and medical supplies and levels of air pollution and infectious disease. The efficiency of waste removal and sewage systems, drinking water, harmful animals and insects are factored into the ranking system as well.

The analysis was based on an evaluation of 39 quality of life criteria for each city including housing, social, economic and environmental aspects, schools, hospital facilities, transportation and infrastructure components, parks and recreation facilities and the overall ability to incorporate natural environments within urban areas. Indeed, the study is aware that factors contributing to a good quality of life is linked to physical attributes of the world’s best cities.

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