World Sustainable Building Conference to Showcase Canadian Design: Call for Projects Issued to Canadian Companies

Canadian applications are invited for the prestigious Sustainable Building Challenge (SBC) which is to be held in Melbourne, Australia in September 2008. The Challenge, which will form an integral part of the Sixth World Sustainable Building Conference (SB08), is an international co-operative process to develop new performance assessment tools and to highlight innovative sustainable building design techniques.

Canadian designers, particularly architects and engineers, commercial developers and building owners, are encouraged to submit their projects for consideration by the iiSBE Canada SB08 Team. This group of volunteer professionals represents a wide cross-section of the building industry. Commercial, institutional and residential building types from either the public or private sector will all be considered for the Challenge, but eligibility is restricted to projects that demonstrate potential exemplary and balanced sustainability performance objectives as part of the design process. All projects must be of the highest architectural quality and projects selected must have complete design documents and be under construction by June 1st, 2007. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate innovative solutions to one or more problems faced by the building designers that support the SB08 conference theme of connected, viable and liveable cities.

The iiSBE Canada SB08 Team will select three building projects from those submitted for full evaluation and presentation at the Melbourne conference. These projects will undergo a unique in-depth environmental performance evaluation using the SBTool, a uniform assessment framework maintained by the Sustainable Building Challenge International Technical Committee. Results of the assessment will form the basis for comparing and contrasting the selected projects in Melbourne. Up to ten additional projects will be selected and presented in poster format. The iiSBE Canada SB08 Team will take responsibility for selecting the Canadian submissions and directing their preparation for the conference.

Gord Shymko, the Chair of the iiSBE Canada SB08 Team Project Solicitation Committee, believes that the Sustainable Building Challenge acts as a catalyst for raising awareness of green building issues and stimulating demand for green building design and construction on a global basis: The Challenge offers a tremendous opportunity for Canadian designers to present their projects to a wider global audience. Successful participants will gain the opportunity to work with, and become familiar with, the benefits of a highly sophisticated building environmental rating system which is being applied to projects worldwide.

The World Sustainable Building Conference series is held every three years and regularly attracts thousands of delegates from around the globe. The event provides the opportunity for the worlds leading technical experts and researchers to advance their knowledge by focusing on technical developments and case studies. Seventeen countries showcased projects to over 1,800 delegates at the 2005 conference, which was held in Tokyo, Japan.

The closing date for Canadian submissions to the Sustainable Building Challenge is June 8th, 2007. Selection will take place in mid-June. Further information and applications forms are available from the Sustainable Building Challenge website at Information regarding the Melbourne SB08 Conference is available at