World’s first Umbra store opens at the Design Exchange

Umbra, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stylish consumer products, opens its first location in downtown Toronto at the Design Exchange tomorrow. The DX is Canada’s design museum located at 234 Bay Street in Toronto.

Umbra is known around the world for its consumer products demonstrating intelligent design. The range of Umbra products is limitless and includes kitchen and bath accessorires, window treatments and furniture. The products are universally functional and attractive, appealing to a sophisticated buyer. Umbra first started in 1979 as a partnership between Les Mandelbaum and Paul Rowan, the company’s current principals.

"Umbra’s reputation for design is globally recognized, and accordingly it is a superb fit for the Design Exchange’s retail space," said Samantha Sannella, DX President. The lineup of designers who have created Umbra products includes Karim Rashid, Tom Deacon, David Quan and Kerr and Co.

The opening of the Umbra store coincides with the opening of the DX’s next feature exhibit, PLASTIC, which explores the use of plastics in design in Canada since 1945.