World Architecture Day 2008

Today, October 6, 2008, architects around the world celebrate World Architecture Day, and International Union of Architects (UIA) President Louise Cox issued an official message, as follows:

“The UIA General Assembly in Turin, Italy made the decision that the theme for World Architecture Day 2008 is: “Child be the Architect of a Better Future,” dedicated to the memory of Giancarlo Ius, former Vice President of Region I, in honour of the song for which he composed the lyrics.

I hope you and your children are enjoying today’s celebrations in support of World Architecture Day. I’m sorry I cannot be with you all for your individual celebrations around the world. I will be in Pordenone, Italy, with the family and friends of Giancarlo, Rod Hackney, members of the UIA Bureau and Council, directors of the UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme, members of the Italian UIA Section, representatives from the city, the province, the local children and the Pordenone Architects.

In my view, we are all born with an innate sense of colour, form and design as we can see from the work our children produce. We can be trained to understand how to live a sustainable life in a sustainable environment. So why is it that when we grow into adults, we allow our towns and cities to be disfigured by some truly awful buildings and insensitive urban planning? It is no use blaming the politicians and assessors who approve these blots on our collective landscape. We as a community must also take responsibility for the urban crimes committed in our name.

The World Day of Architecture is a wonderful opportunity for the whole community to celebrate the good things our architects are doing, take cognizance of what our children think and they do think and have great ideas – and to develop all these ideas that will help us all achieve our vision of a green, global and connected city. I hope that the children in your town or city have shown their visions for the future and that these can be explained by them and displayed for this celebration.

My best wishes to you all. I hope you enjoy World Architecture Day.”