Winnipeg Design Festival Launches the WDF 2019 Awards

Winnipeg Design Festival 2019 | PROTO has introduced a new awards program for designers to showcase their works and connect with the public.

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The WDF 2019 Awards recognizes excellence from all design disciplines. Through this recognition, the program will connect the public with the design community, and provide a platform for the designers and their projects.

The awards are in four categories:

  • Young and Emerging: works by designers under 30, or who have been in practice fewer than five years;
  • Experimental and Madcap: experimental and/or non-conventional works;
  • Ex-Winnipeg: work by Winnipeg-trained designers now working elsewhere;
  • People’s Choice: works recognized by a popular vote.

A trophy, designed by Mathew Nuqinqaq, an Iqaluit-based artist who works primarily in jewellery design, will be presented to each of the winners at an awards ceremony.

Winnipeg- and Manitoba-based designers, individuals, groups, design professionals, and designers with two or more projects commissioned by clients are eligible for submissions.

In September, the 2019 Winnipeg Design Festival takes on the theme PROTO, focusing on encouraging and celebrating the idea of the “first-in-time” or “first-of” within Winnipeg’s design culture.

The 9th annual festival spans a range of disciplines and industries, including Fashion, Food, Industrial Design, Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Urban Design. It runs from September 26th to 28th.

The event is curated and directed by Jae-Sung Chon and his design team at STUFF (Studio for Transformative Urban Forms and Fields).

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