Winnipeg Design Festival

As part of Storefront Manitoba’s mandate to advance the awareness and appreciation of design and the built environment, the Winnipeg Design Festival is an annual open and public event that aims to share, discuss, promote, and celebrate design culture in the province of Manitoba. Activities include exhibits, tours and Park(ing) Day.

Running from September 18-21, 2013 in various locations throughout the city, the Winnipeg Design Festival (WDF) cultivates and shares Winnipeg’s rich community of talented and creative individuals, as well the products of the creative processes of design and making. The Festival is committed to building a culture of design in Winnipeg, one to rival that of other great design capitals around the world. Winnipeg is recognized internationally as a city with unique artistic and cultural offerings. In a city where the festival culture is very strong, a festival of design was not offered. Storefront Manitoba’s annual Design Festival wishes to cultivate and celebrate design and architecture in our city, and further propel Winnipeg’s reputation as a cultural hub.

Interdisciplinary relationships and partnerships are forged with industry, like-minded organizations, and institutes that promote the value of good design of art, objects, architecture, and the built environment. Festival events are the primary means of interaction – and may include lectures, symposiums, interactive installations, tours and exhibits. The WDF also wishes to be inclusive to a greater public audience, as a means of promotion, appreciation, and education of our creative disciplines. Each event is intended to bridge the professional and creative community to start a dialogue of design in the city.

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