Winnipeg Airports Authority selects architect team for Airport Site Redevelopment program

Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. (WAA) announced today that Cesar Pelli and Associates in association with Stantec Architecture Ltd., has been selected for the Airport Site Redevelopment program (2004-2009).

Providing solutions that respond to the unique needs of the Manitoba marketplace will be a top priority throughout the design process. As indicated by Stantec Vice President of Architecture and Interior Design, Stanis Smith: “We feel we have demonstrated our commitment to Winnipeg with our recent acquisition of GBR– an outstanding architectural firm in their own right– and now have the resources to provide a strong local presence to this project, backed by the resources of a global design firm specializing in airport terminal design.”

With 85% of the architectural work contributed by Canadians, mainly based in Winnipeg, Stantec’s role as Prime Architect will be complemented by Master Architect Cesar Pelli and Associates. Cesar Pelli, who will act as Design Principal and Lead Designer on behalf of Cesar Pelli and Associates, stated: “We fully understand how important this facility is for Winnipeg and for Manitoba. This is why our team includes not only our top design talent, but our most experienced airport terminal planning staff.”

WAA is proceeding with plans for a phased airport site redevelopment program, which includes a new airport terminal building of approximately 60,000 square meters. The new terminal will be located to the northeast of the existing terminal facility, and is targeted for completion in 2009.

Other components of the redevelopment include: a new parking structure, to be completed in 2006; groundside site services; and an additional aircraft

Total cost of the program is targeted in the $350 million range, including approximately $200 million for the new terminal building. It is anticipated that the Airport Site Redevelopment Costs of redevelopment will be funded by the Airport Improvement Fee. WAA is 100% self-sufficient, receiving no government funding. All surplus revenue over expenses is re-invested by WAA back into the community through airport development projects.

Stantec employs over 300 architects and interior designers across North America, including 35 in Winnipeg. Stantec Architecture Ltd. has led, or participated in, many major airport projects including: Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa, as well as Chicago, Detroit, Washington and London. Cesar Pelli and Associates has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects with its Gold Medal award, and has designed such facilities as the North Terminal at Reagan National Airport and the East Passenger Terminal at Tokyo International Airport.