Winners of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals 2013 Awards announced

Winners of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals 2013 Awards were recently announced, the results of which follow.

*Award of Excellence in Conservation: Preservation – R.C. Harris Filtration Plant in Toronto nominated by Charles Hazell

*Award of Excellence in a Heritage Planning Reports – Confederation Building Heritage Management Plan in Ottawa nominated by Jozef Zorko

*Award of Excellence in Heritage Planning: Policy Development – City of Toronto Official Plan in Toronto nominated by Scott Barrett; and Victoria Tax Incentive Plan in Victoria nominated by Steve Barber

*Award of Excellence in Craftsmanship and Construction by a Contractor or Conservator – the Dineen Building in Toronto nominated by Philip Hoad

*Award of Merit for Conservation (Recording, Preservation, Rehabilitation) – Grand Trunk Building Oriel Window in Montreal nominated by Giovanni Diodati

*Award of Merit for Conservation (Rehabilitation) – James Cooper Mansion in Toronto nominated by Ida Seto; Pacific Rail Station in Vancouver nominated by Christin Doeinghaus; and CNR Locomotive Shop in Toronto nominated by Ida Seto

*Award of Merit for Conservation (Restoration) – McGill University Arts Building in Montreal nominated by Julia Gersovitz; and St. Patrick’s Basilica Façade Restoration in Montreal, nominated by Istvan Kovacs

*Award of Merit in Heritage Planning – Alderlea Estate in Brampton (Adaptive Reuse Report) nominated by Alex Temporale; Hoarding Suggestions for the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto (Exhibits) nominated by Michael McClelland; (Publications) nominated by Shannon Kyles; Montreal Doors Open Display in Montreal (Special Projects) nominated by Giovanni Diodati

The decision to select 15 out of almost 50 fine submissions was made by a jury of 11 members of the CAHP – ACECP and the cultural and urban community in Toronto at the Arts and Letters Club in mid-September 2013. We are indebted to these people, and to the awards committee comprised of Jill Taylor, Mark Thompson Brandt, Jonathan Yardley, Don Luxton and Jodi Franklin. The jury team leaders were Catherine Nasmith, Mark Thompson Brandt and Laurie Smith.