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Winners of the 2010 Sustainable Buildings Canada Achievement Awards

Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) announced the recipients of the 2010 Lifetime and Special Achievement Awards as part of the annual Green Building Festival. SBC honoured four individuals who demonstrated a deep and lasting commitment to the environment and sustainability.


“These four individuals represent the very best in leadership, vision, and action as it relates to environmental sustainability,” stated Mike Singleton, Executive Director, SBC.


Each year, SBC recognizes people who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to environmental sustainability. This year, the Lifetime Awards were given to:


* Geoff Cape of Evergreen
* Ed Lowans, formerly with Stantec Engineering
* Patrick Guran of PowerStream

* Dianne Young, CEO of Exhibition Place, who was recognized for outstanding achievement as it relates to a specific project


Through his efforts with Evergreen, Geoff Cape has led and developed a number of exciting urban reclamation projects, most recently at the Brickworks in Toronto. This project represents the very best in urban industrial renewal and environmental responsibility.


Lowans led over 100 projects aimed at improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings across the country. Through hands-on action, education and mentorship, he has helped engrain the energy efficiency message in a new generation of building engineers.


As the Manager of Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) at PowerStream, Guran has overseen the implementation of an aggressive CDM program portfolio. His commitment to this activity is founded in more than 25 years of support for the industry including pioneer efforts around solar energy, electric vehicle infrastructure and smart grid applications.


Young has overseen the implementation of the GREENsmart initiative, a multifaceted program aimed at reducing waste, conserving resources and showcasing the latest in sustainable technologies at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Canada’s largest exhibition and entertainment centre. These include a unique tri-generation system, a major solar PV installation, the hydrogen village and the on-site windmill.


Sustainable Buildings Canada is a member supported non-profit organization located in Toronto. SBC’s mandate is to promote and support sustainable building practices from design through to construction and operations. It does so through advocacy, educational activities, practical support to its members, and through the operation of the annual Green Building Festival.