Winners of International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture announced

This year’s award program, entitled Velux 2008: Light of Tomorrow, resulted in three winners and eight honourable mentions, which were recently presented and honoured at an event in Venice. Reilly O’Neil Hogan from the US won first prize. Ruan Hao and Xiong Xing from China won second prize, and Dean MacGregor from Portugal took third prize.


In his project “Embodied Ephemerality,” Reilly O’Neil Hogan discusses how to challenge the daily city routines by getting off the subway at a new (wrong) station. How when you are forced to drift from your routine, you perceive the city with new eyes – in this case the Path station in Lower Manhattan. Hogan experiments with the projection of sunlight into the underground station to elevate the daily experience of the users.


“I feel that light and space have a profound effect on people’s everyday experience. It has a universal appeal through time, place and belief, which gives light an incredible power as a material to enliven architecture with something greater than ourselves,” said Hogan.


Ruan Hao and Xiong Xing’s second-place project “Interface Repairing – Light Festival” celebrates sunlight in the city. And Dean MacGregor’s “Light Has a Body” third-place project takes the essence of light and focuses on the way that it enters and exposes itself through the refraction of water.


In addition to the three prizewinners the jury awarded eight honourable mentions from 11 different countries representing Europe, North America and Asia.


The total number of 686 projects from 244 schools in 46 countries represented a great variation of responses to the theme “Light of Tomorrow”. Hani Rashid, jury chairman, remarked on the award winners: “I am very pleased with the winners because they cover three distinct parts of the entire propagation that we see in the International VELUX Award. We have the practical, the visionary and the poetic approaches among the winners that somehow sum up what all the students were after in their projects.”


The International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture takes place every second year. All winning projects are presented in the companion yearbook to the award event.


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