Centre Culturel de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Atelier Big City was established in Montreal in 1987 by Anne Cormier, Randy Cohen and Howard Davies. The group’s name as well as their slogan “Make Architecture a Public Policy” reflects a commitment to exploring work that is based on an informed understanding of the city as an ongoing project rich in ideas and untapped potential. A strong conceptual approach is based on the interpretation of program and siting strategies. Of particular interest to the group is the notion of public space in buildings and the importance of the architectural promenade, a spatial journey animated by relations established between elements of the program, and between the built project and its environment. Each project is an exploration in generating an architectural milieu of grand sensual stimulation through the use of very simple means: colour, volume, material and structure. The work of Atelier Big City explores the potential for the creation of spaces in which the various themes of movement, structure, function, materiality and form are dynamically employed. The firm has received a number of awards and honours in architectural design, urban integration and landscape design, including the Prix de Rome in 1998 and a Governor General’s Medal in 2006 for their innovative urban housing project called U2. Work by Atelier Big City has been exhibited and presented through lectures in North America and in Europe, and its principals are committed educators at the university level. 

Founded in 1991, Fichten Soiferman & Partners Architects (FSA) is a well established Canadian firm. Its repertoire includes numerous projects of varied scope, complexity and magnitude for both the private and public sectors, as well as for national and international clients. Many of its projects have been cited for their design merit by prestigious institutions such as the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the American Institute of Architects, the Ordre des architectes du Québec, Concordia University, the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. FSA has formed a number of successful strategic alliances with recognized designers with whom it has participated in recent competitions for important institutional projects. These partnerships have been enhanced by the firm’s commitment to teamwork, close collaboration and its skill in directing multidisciplinary teams. The ability to develop technical detailing for sophisticated and high-quality buildings and to complete them within the expected budgets and schedules has contributed to the firm’s reputation as a highly competent and efficient organization. Building types recently completed by the firm include: sports and recreation, university, penitentiary, health care, religious and airport facilities. 

L’OEUF is an award-winning firm with a diversified practice founded by Daniel Pearl and Mark Poddubiuk in 1992, with Bernard Olivier and Sudhir Suri as more recent additions to the partnership. L’OEUF has won the prestigious HOLCIM Foundation international prize for its Greening the Infrastructure at Benny Farm project, an innovative neighbourhood development promoting community empowerment and proactive participation of stakeholders. With a deep commitment to research and teaching, a strong sense of the importance of socially equitable space, and an acute sensitivity to cost, L’OEUF is renowned for its expertise in sustainable and socially progressive design. The firm focuses on and revels in the elegant resolution of complex design problems, with vast experience in designing at residential, institutional and urban scales.

2015 Pan Am/Parapan American Games Athletes’ Village | Canary District

architectsAlliance believes in the intensity and vitality of cities. Each of the firm’s architecture and urban design projects–which include the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex at Brock University, the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences, and the Bloor Street Transformation–is a conscious act of city-building. In every case, aA works to articulate a convincing and urbane response to context, and a compelling and appropriate reaction to density that enriches both the public realm and the individual’s experience of urban life. aA’s approach reflects the personality of the city itself, which is shifting, multivalent and mutable. The city is not a monolithic statement, but a meandering conversation that takes place over generations–that is by turns respectful, fractious, tentative and insistent. The buildings and public spaces that aA creates represent lines of dialogue, through which the firm continues the conversation and advances the language of architecture. 

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects was founded in 1987 by Bruce Kuwabara, Thomas Payne, Marianne McKenna and Shirley Blumberg. The firm has since earned over 175 awards for architectural excellence. In the last decade, KPMB contributed to Toronto’s evolution as an international destination with projects for the Toronto International Film Festival, Canada’s National Ballet School, the Gardiner Museum, the Young Centre for Performing Arts and the Royal Conservatory. Projects across Canada include Manitoba Hydro Place (LEED Platinum) in Winnipeg, the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, and the forthcoming Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon which earned KPMB its 11th Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 2011. Recent projects include the Rotman School of Management Expansion at the University of Toronto, the CIGI Campus in Waterloo and the Quantum-Nano Centre at the University of Waterloo. KPMB is currently working on projects for Princeton University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northwestern University, as well as the new headquarters for the Elementary Teacher’s Foundation of Ontario and The Globe and Mail in Toronto. 

Since 1988, DAOUST LESTAGE inc. has been actively involved in the fields of architecture and urban design. Involved in design at every scale, this multidisciplinary firm strives to bridge the limitations of traditional design practice and to overcome boundaries between urban design, architecture, landscape, graphic, interior, industrial and furniture design. For each project, the approach rests on a careful understanding of the site’s present and historical characteristics in order to anchor the proposed intervention with the intrinsic qualities of the surroundings, revealing traces of the past through a resolutely contemporary language. Characterized by simplicity, the firm’s designs demonstrate an ability to conceptualize projects of varied nature and scope. From large-scale urban improvement projects and architectural schemes to interior and furniture design, the DAOUST LESTAGE inc. team has acquired unique expertise in the planning, design and realization of diverse and award-winning projects. 

MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects is a Toronto-based design practice with over 25 years of experience and the proven ability to deliver sustainable civic projects to meet the requirements of universities, municipal clients, and other public institutions. The work of the firm is centred on developing hybrid forms of public architecture that incorporate high-performance sports, recreation and community programs into the vibrant social hearts of many campuses and municipalities. From field houses, gymnasia, arenas and aquatic centres to community rooms and libraries, the volume and quality of the practice’s portfolio are represented by more than 50 projects and over 45 national awards including the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture. 

UBC Geological Field School

BattersbyHowat started informally as
a design studio in 1996. Now an 11-person architectural practice, the office has a strong track record in both design excellence and the inclusive and considered nature of its design process. As partners and friends for 25 years, Battersby and Howat hold combined degrees that encompass architecture, landscape design and interior design. This multidisciplinary approach gives the firm a distinct advantage to conceive of a project holistically, and reflects the receptive and collaborative nature of the studio’s culture. BattersbyHowat simultaneously considers the architectural resolution of a space or building, the material and physical occupation of an interior space with people, furnishings and fixtures, and thoughtfully engages the surrounding landscape both on the level of its formal and ecological potential. 

Children’s First Centre

Based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Kobayashi + Zedda operates in fairly extreme climatic conditions. Working above the 60th parallel in a rugged and mountainous territory adjacent to Alaska, there are five caribou for every human and, in some areas, the ground is permanently frozen. With the lowest recorded temperature in Canada at –63°C, there is not much of a summer to speak of but the continuous daylight in June convinces residents otherwise. Aboriginal people comprise one-quarter of the population, and it has been only 60 years since the Alaska Highway connected the outside world to them. The firm realizes that a small community discourages specialization, and has been known to tackle any project as long as there exists the potential to do interesting work. Recently, in order to bring design to the neglected urban landscape of Whitehorse, KZA decided to lead by example by building and renovating its own buildings and to run a coffee house. 

Spa Le St-Jude

T B A | Thomas Balaban, architecte is an emerging Montreal architecture practice formed in 2009. During the past three years the studio has garnered local as well as national recognition through a growing list of awards, exhibitions, publications and competitions for projects that thoughtfully search for a new contemporary expression within Montreal’s existing fabric and vernacular traditions. It is a critical practice that favours the omnivorous integration of art, technology and pedagogical research over the increasing fragmentation and specialization of architectural practice. 

Amphithéâtre Trois-Rivières Sur Saint-Laurent

Paul Laurendeau established his firm in Montreal in 1995 after gaining international experience with renowned architects in London and Paris. His initial work includes competition submissions in which he explored and developed a style of creating stark spaces organized along orthogonal axes. Laurendeau’s architecture is an artistic undertaking rooted in proportions and geometry that play on symmetry, repetition and verticality to create a tangible effect with one’s perception of space. His work has received numerous design awards including Awards of Excellence from the Ordre des architectes du Québec for Fashionlab in 2003, Desert in 2005 and Dolbeau-Mistassini Theatre in 2009, along with a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 2006. His most important project to date is the 9,000-seat Trois-Rivières amphitheatre currently under construction, the result of a competition he won in 2011. 

Established in 1990, Beauchesne Architecture Design is located in Trois-Rivières. With its team of architects, technicians and designers, it integrates various skills allowing it to offer complete professional services to its clientele throughout the province of Quebec. Focusing primarily on institutional, health care, education, commercial, housing and industrial projects, Beauchesne stresses the need to create good working conditions for its staff where client respect is paramount. It derives the greatest satisfaction from creat-ing quality spaces for the users that will in-habit them.

Go Roof, Union Station

Zeidler Partnership Architects has been established for 50 years in Toronto, which now serves as headquarters for the firm with additional offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Abu Dhabi, London, Berlin and West Palm Beach. With over 200 professional and support staff members, most senior personnel have been with the firm for 10 to 30 years, and are currently led by senior partners Alan Munn, Tarek El-Khatib and Vaidila Banelis. The firm’s projects cover virtually the entire range of architectural, urban and interior design work, varying from large mixed-use complexes to small residences and offices. The major body of work is located in Canada and the United States, but the firm has also, over the past 25 years, developed a significant international presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Zeidler has been recognized by its peers with over 140 national and international awards, and more than 400 articles on the firm have been published in its distinguished and long history. 

1st Street SW Underpass Enhancement

The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative is a research-based critical practice. The work in the studio is focused on the design opportunities that lie at the confluence of different disciplines, seeking a density of meaning that can only be achieved through the synthesis of art, architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. The concepts of negotiable space and imprintable architecture have been central contributors to the value of the design projects pursued. Equally important is the firm’s capacity to dynamically and responsively engage clients in order to develop project accountability. MBAC’s resultant design portfolio has received numerous international and national awards for architecture and public space design and has been internationally published and exhibited. Recent work includes the Eau Claire Plaza Redevelopment, one of Calgary’s significant public spaces; the revitalization of Calgary’s river pathway system through a series of plazas and nodes; the restoration of the historic Calgary Public Building; the Calgary Centre for Global Community; the National Mountain Centre; and The Roadshow: Architectural Landscapes of Canada. 

el dorado inc started as a firm providing architectural design and construction services in Kansas City, Missouri. Its history is shaped by a constant and rigorous exploration of the relationship between designing and making, from smaller-scale installations to larger-scale architect-led design-build projects. By incorporating the construction of its designs into its project delivery, the firm is able to more effectively control the project schedule and cost, and to achieve a higher level of craft. el dorado’s 25-person company is a collaborative enterprise, focused on work in six target sectors: commercial, residential, industrial, civic/institutional, public art and planning. As a group, it is understood that every project it takes on, regardless of sector, scale or budget, must be exceptional.

House In Four Fields

’OEUF is an award-winning firm with a diversified practice founded by Daniel Pearl and Mark Poddubiuk in 1992, with Bernard Olivier and Sudhir Suri as more recent additions to the partnership. L’OEUF has won the prestigious HOLCIM Foundation international prize for its Greening the Infrastructure at Benny Farm project, an innovative neighbourhood development promoting community empowerment and proactive participation of stakeholders. With a deep commitment to research and teaching, a strong sense of the importance of socially equitable space, and an acute sensitivity to cost, L’OEUF is renowned for its expertise in sustainable and socially progressive design. The firm focuses on and revels in the elegant resolu
tion of complex design problems, with vast experience in designing at residential, institutional and urban scales.


Mount Stephen Club

Founded in 1957 as an architectural firm, Lemay is now a leading integrated firm with broad services in architecture, urban design, interior design, landscape architecture, branding and project management. To address the increasingly complex and interdisciplinary nature of a design practice, 2009 saw the emergence of LemayLAB, the associated creative think tank and architectural research development studio headed by Lemay chief creative officer Michel Lauzon. Based in Montreal, the 150-person firm also has offices in Quebec City, Toronto, San José (Costa Rica) and Algiers (Algeria). Comprised of architects, urban planners, interior designers and graphic specialists, the firm is renowned for its ability to solve large-scale projects with complex social, heritage and technical constraints. It has extensive experience in health care, institutional, cultural, residential and commercial projects, as well as an established reputation in interior design. Urban design is also emerging as a driving force, garnering large-scale winning commissions and competitions. Lemay uniquely combines the capacity and expertise of a large firm with the creativity and personalized service of a boutique outfit, creating enduring value through the design of built spaces. 

Real Time Control Building #3

gh3 designs in the complex realm where architecture, urbanism and landscape overlap. With a Modernist’s eye to order and beauty, and an environmentalist’s awareness of sustainability and long-term thinking, the studio-based practice brings together expertise in architecture, landscape, urban design and ecology. The firm believes that the full spectrum of the built environment should benefit from thoughtful design, and approach every design problem with a context-specific strategy supported by technical research that uses site and architecture to make inspiring and beautiful places to live, work and play. gh3 was founded in 2006 by Pat Hanson and Diana Gerrard, each with over 30 years of experience in their respective careers. The firm has quickly established itself as one of Canada’s most innovative integrated design practices in six short years by garnering 14 major awards, including a 2010 Governor General’s Medal. 


Theatrics of Psychiatry

After graduating from the Master of Architecture program at the University of Toronto, Danielle Berwick went to work for RCR Arquitectes in Olot, Spain. She has worked as a designer on numerous projects in Canada, as well as in the United States, Spain, France and Finland. She won the Yolles scholarship in 2011 and was offered a fellowship at the University of Manitoba in 2009. Prior to this, she worked as a paediatric palliative nurse, a health professional in India, as well as a composer and musician. Danielle’s work and research conceives of cinematic spaces using a reasonable suspension of disbelief to envision scenes of daily life with its inevitable fragility, dirt and uncomfortableness. Experimenting with the vulnerabilities of built form, her ambition is to seek out the balance between architecture that is humble and that which is radical.

Human Space: Density for Community and the Socio-Ecological Neighbourhood

Andrew Neuman recently graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of British Columbia where he received the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Student Medal. His thesis project went on to win the Award of Excellence in the City of Vancouver’s re:Think Housing ideas competition for its affordable housing contributions in the private sector. Neuman holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a Diploma of Fine Arts from Langara College in Vancouver. In October 2012, he and his wife Christine welcomed their third child into the world. He plans to begin his architecture internship in January 2013.