WIA Vancouver hosts ‘What Women Want’ workshop on November 22

Women in Architecture Vancouver (WIA) invites you to participate in a workshop investigating the modern design workplace: what makes it work for women, and what doesn’t? With an attrition rate of almost 50% of female architecture graduates, we want to understand why women might choose to leave the field, and what changes would enable us to stay. ‘What Women Want’ is about discovering what elements of an office culture, practice, benefits, and space are important to you, what your ideal workplace would include, and what aspects make a career in architecture unsustainable.

What Women Want
WIA Vancouver will host the ‘What Women Want’ visioning workshop next week, on Thursday November 22.

On November 22, join WIA Vancouver in a visioning session which will explore how a workplace can support women in architecture. The intent of this workshop is to gather input from women working in architecture and related fields (construction, engineering, interior/industrial design etc.) in Vancouver to create an overview of both the barriers we face and assets we seek. This conversation is part of a larger initiative to catalogue women’s values for a workplace and publish a guiding document on how workplaces can support women entering and remaining in architectural fields. (All contributions will be anonymous).

‘What Women Want’ will be held on November 22 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Spaces on 151 W Hastings in downtown Vancouver. More information about the event — which is now open for registration — is available through the WIA Vancouver website, linked here. Admission is $5.