Vote Yes for Better Transit and Transportation in Vancouver!

The RAIC Metro Vancouver Chapter is giving its voice and support to the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition, a broad-based coalition of business, labour, environment, student, community, health groups and more. They’re joining in to support the coalition because better transit and transportation align with their priorities as an organization and as a profession. Because architecture and the design of our built environment matters. And because it’s important for everyone to understand just how important the design of our built environment is to the overall quality of life of our society. Better transit and transportation ensures that we can continue to live in compact, connected communities that encourage health and safety while discouraging negative transportation impacts and pollution.

As a member of the coalition, the RAIC Metro Vancouver Chapter is asking you—their members and supporters—to leverage your expertise and networks in support of the Yes vote in the following three ways: add the digital signature button to your email; create images of alternative futures (and while this is not an official competition, bragging rights will go to the firm with the most compelling imagery…game on!); and spread the word (and pictures) across your networks. For more information on how to do all this, please read the attached PDF and visit  

Voting begins March 16, 2015 and ends May 29, 2015.  Please vote Yes for Better Transit and Transportation in Vancouver now!

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas beyond the above, please feel free to contact the RAIC at and/or the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition at and