Vivian Manasc announced as 2006 RAIC President

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is pleased to announce the election of Vivian Manasc, FRAIC as president for 2006.

Ms. Manasc is an architect and Principal of Manasc Isaac Architects, one of Edmonton’s leading architectural practices. She has led the design of significant sustainable buildings for public and corporate clients, Manasc Isaac Architects is a leader in cold-climate sustainable design in Canada, and has been recognized with a number of significant architectural awards, including the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture.

“The project of the 21st century is integration. In the 20th century we were reductionist we had micro and nano and molecular discussion and now we are in the era of design of architecture and of integration. We are entering the era of city-states the era where an understanding of cities, of urban form and of urban design is valued,” said Ms. Manasc. “As architects, we are positioned to inspire our communities and our business leaders to integrate and collaborate and work across disciplines, to create a healthy, beautiful and sustainable Canada.”

Joining Ms. Manasc on the 2006-07 Executive Committee is: Kiyoshi Matsuzaki, FRAIC First Vice-President and President-Elect, and Yves Gosselin, PP/FIRAC Immediate Past-President.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is a voluntary national association established in 1907 as the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada. Representing more than 3,500 architects, the RAIC provides the national framework for the development and recognition of architectural excellence.