Vancouverism: A Distinct Architectural Culture

This panel discussion takes place on Thursday, April 7 at the Columbia Ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. The reception opens at 5:30pm and the panel discussion begins at 6:00pm.

Participants include: Mike Harcourt, former Premier of British Columbia and former Mayor of Vancouver, speaks and advises internationally on sustainability solutions, and is the author of Plan B, the story of his life after his spinal cord injury; William Gibson, novelist, essayist, screenwriter, futurist, and author of the New York Times bestselling novel Pattern Recognition; and Trevor Boddy, urbanist and architectural historian/curator, architecture critic for the Vancouver Sun, and author of the critical biography The Architecture of Douglas Cardinal. The panel moderator is Hal Kalman, cultural heritage planner and architectural historian, and author of the award-winning A History of Canadian Architecture.

This event is sponsored by the Vancouver Organizing Committee and held in conjunction with the 58th annual meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians.

Tickets are $10 or $6 for students. Please reserve by e-mailing