Use your Designation and Title with Pride

Members of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada are entitled to attach a designation following their name. Both the MRAIC (Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) and FRAIC (Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) designations are recognized symbols of professionalism!

Not only are these designations an indication of membership in Canada’s only national association of professionals dedicated to architecture, but they also demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a belief that we, as architects, can make Canada a better society through the design of the built-environment.

Furthermore, it is important for architects and others members to use their “title” according to the rules and procedures prescribed by the provincial licensing authorities. This use of your title provides greater exposure of the profession to the public and reinforces the importance of architecture. The use of your title not only clarifies professional stature but also helps to reinforce to the general public the numerous important roles of qualified architects in society. Remember that this title has been earned as a result of many rigorous years of study, internship, and examination. Every architect should be proud of this title! In many Latin countries, it is very commonplace to include the title architect after your name in all circumstances and not only in professional or business situations.

Help the RAIC educate society to better appreciate the architectural profession!

Typical designations and titles are:

Mary C. Brown, Architect MAIBC, FRAIC

John D. Doe, Architect OAA, MRAIC

Jane Doe, Intern Architect, MRAIC

Pierre Leblanc, Adjunct Professor, MIRAC