Urbanarium Presents Mixing Middle Competition

Vancouver-based group calls for new ideas for mixed-use neighbourhoods, with $35K in prize money.

The Vancouver Urbanarium Society has launched a new competition to generate ideas for mixed-use housing for the next generation. Following its earlier “Missing Middle” competition for new residential concepts, the new “Mixing Middle” calls on designers to enhance community vitality by proposing ways to add mixed-use functionality into residential neighbourhoods.

Existing single-family neighbourhoods need to densify with affordable options for mid-range housing, but on its own, this isn’t enough. Those neighborhoods also need a variety of activities to thrive. The pandemic has prompted people to spend more time in, and pay more attention to, their residential neighbourhoods—whether working from home, providing more care for others, or self-isolating due to exposures. These experiences call for new creativity in terms of commercial, recreational, social enterprise, live-work design, and intergenerational living.

Urbanarium has partnered with the advocacy group About Here to produce a video that shows the hidden potential of residential neighbourhoods when transformed with zoning reform into mixed-use communities.

The competition is open to everyone and is offering a total of $35,000 in prize money, including $10,000 for top prize. Entry deadline is November 2nd, 2021; further details and a registration form are available here.