Urban Capital presents Making River City film

Making River City features interviews with developers, architects and contributors, including a glance of behind-the-scene imagery.

Photo courtesy of urbancapital.ca.

Urban Capital, in collaboration with Waterfront Toronto, presents a short that explores the diverse stories on the making of River City.

Founder and Creative Director of Pureblink, Jose Uribe was commissioned by Urban Capital to write and direct a 20-minute film about the creation of the four-phase multi-family complex.

The film, Making River City, features interviews with developers, architects and contributors and a glance of behind-the-scene imagery.

In 2008 Urban Capital won the right to develop River City after an extensive public tender process in which 18 national and international developers participated. Designed by Montreal-based Saucier + Perrotte Architects, the 1,100 unit River City community was the first component of the West Don Lands revitalization, kickstarting the transformation of what was previously a “derelict district” into the West Don Lands neighborhood of today.

With recollections by Wex and Davis, Gilles Saucier and André Perrotte, and commentary by Bruce Kuwabara and Brigitte Shim, Making of River City digs into all the major milestones in the creation of the project.

Making River City from PUREBLINK on Vimeo.