University of Calgary’s EVDS launches 2018-2019 lecture series

Exploring how we can create a better future through the design of cities, buildings and landscapes.nDesign Matters is a thought-provoking lecture series, organized by the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), which seeks to inspire transformative change.

Design Matters, EVDSLectures are delivered from September to May, and feature provocative speakers who examine the latest ideas in architecture, regional and urban planning, and landscape architecture. The lectures aim to challenge attendees to broaden their thinking on a myriad of issues related to design. Design Matters engages students, public officials, industry professionals and interested citizens — people who want to learn, understand and address design issues affecting our community.

FALL TERM — Location: St. Louis Hotel, 430 8 Ave SE

OCTOBER 17, 2018
Pooya Baktash, Co-Founder, PARTISANS, Toronto
Beauty emerges when design misbehaves

NOVEMBER 7, 2018
Amy Whitesides, Studio Director, Stoss, Boston
Building Resilience: the expanded role of urban/landscape hybrids in a changing climate

DECEMBER 5, 2018
Borja Ferrater, Founding Partner, Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB), Barcelona
OAB RECENT WORKS: From geometry to space by means of construction, landscape and social systems

WINTER TERM — Location: New Central Library, 800 3rd Street SE

JANUARY 16, 2019
Sierra Bainbridge, Mass
Architecture is never neutral; it either hurts or heals. How can we intentionally use architecture as a tool for healing?

MARCH 12, 2019 *BLOCK WEEK!*
Dora Epstein-Jones CED Berkeley
Discipline and Reward, the Birth of Practice

MARCH 13, 2019 *BLOCK WEEK!*
Julie Larsen APTUM, Syracuse University
Counterfactual Materiality: Using Computation, Fabrication, and Environment to Design Beyond Existing Materials

MARCH 14, 2019 *BLOCK WEEK!*
Florian Idenburg So-IL
How do we create open buildings for a divisive society?

APRIL 18, 2019
Sir David Adjaye Adjaye Associates, London UK
One of the most influential architects of this generation on his work and architecture as a social force

More information about the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) lectures series is available directly via the faculty’s website, linked here.