University of Calgary students recognized in international design competition

University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) students Kris Kelly, Andrew Bramm and Anita Gunther, along with Professor Graham Livesey, were awarded a project citation in the 2008-2009 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Green Community Competition. ACSA received 260 project submissions representing 1,322 student participants and approximately 200 faculties from 76 universities and 15 countries.

According to Livesey, EVDS Professor and Associate Dean Architecture, the Green Community Competition challenged students to rethink their communities focusing on the issues of sustainable development.

“The students worked very hard in addressing one of the most significant challenges of contemporary cities: how to transform outmoded suburban communities into sustainable and livable environments,” said Livesey. “They developed innovative approaches to bylaws and densification, green infrastructure, urban agriculture, public space design, and developing
new community functions.”

The Green Community competition program encouraged students to explore sustainable planning strategies and develop a proposal to create a flourishing and sustainable community using the tools of the environmental design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

“It has been very rewarding to take a project this far into development, to have so many opportunities to test and rework an idea, and then to put them in an international context and get feedback on how well those ideas are received,” said Kris Kelly, EVDS architecture student. “Submitting to competitions like this acts as a barometer with respect to your work and gives you an indication of how it stands up against what other students are producing in the rest of the world.”

“It was very fun to work closely with our classmates and to have the time to give a project the development it needs,” said Kelly. “You don’t usually have a chance to think long and hard about how you present your ideas and this time we were given the chance to really consider that