Universal Home: international Zollverein scholarship competition

Students about to take their diploma as well as design and architecture graduates of international universities can apply for one of ten scholarships now, to be awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen on behalf of the Zollverein Development Company. This Universal Home international scholarship competition seeks living space solutions that address all stages of life. The scholarships are worth 1,000 Euros monthly for the duration of one year, for a total of 12,000 Euros.

The Universal Home is about creating a living space which accommodates all stages of life, a particularly important topic in our aging society. The Universal Home will provide space for the first wobbly steps of a toddler as well as for the trend-conscious and prestige-oriented life of a well-off bachelor, as well as the later years of an older couple reliant on orthopaedic aides. In a one-year research and development project, ten young designers and architects will develop possible solutions for the design of a living space that grows with its inhabitants, is flexible, and adapts to its respective situation.

During the project, work space will be made available to the scholarship winners on the Zollverein premises. The scholarship at Zeche Zollverein begins on October 1, 2006 and runs until September 30, 2007. It will be accompanied by colloquiums held by Professor Peter Zec, president of the world umbrella organization of Design LCSID and initiator of the Red Dot design award. The project results will be documented in a publication.

Scholarship applications must be in English, and can be submitted to the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen by June 1, 2006. An international jury will select the winners in August 2006. Apart from having an emphasis in the field of industrial design, applicants should be highly interested in conceptual development and design realization.

The application form can be downloaded at www.universal-home.de, and the deadline is June 1, 2006.