Under a Tenner opens next week

From December 03 to 27 February 27, the Design Museum in London presents Under a Tenner. What is good design? Everyone has an opinion. Is it about looks? Functionality? Innovation? Sustainability? Inclusivity? Or something that makes us laugh? The Design Museum has invited 14 people, each from a different part of the world and with a particular perspective on design, to choose ten examples of what they think constitutes good design. The catch is that nothing can cost more than 10. Objects were chosen by such design luminaries as Foreign Office Architects; furniture designer Ron Arad; J. Mays, head of global design at Ford; humanitarian designer Cameron Sinclair; industrial designer Hella Jongerius; graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and Murray Moss, the owner of New York’s chicest design store. The selected items range from products that protect Olyset anti-malaria bednets, condoms, the biodegradable UnBathroom and hydrocolloidal adhesive bandages to ones that bring joy to our daily lives Micro-Fiber Towel, SIGG Waterbottle, coffee cups and a football. For more information, please visit www.designmuseum.org