UBC offering free six-week course on Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs

Image courtesy of UBC
Image courtesy of UBC

Architects, urban planners, real-estate developers, landscape architects, and others who are interested in the future of cities are invited to enrol in a free online course taught by Larry Beasley, the former planning director of Vancouver, who is the Distinguished Professor of Practice at the University of British Columbia, and Jonathan Barnett, a noted authority on urban design from the University of Pennsylvania.

Worldwide city planning and urban development are producing a form of urbanization that is harmful to the environment. Using real examples from around the world, Beasley and Barnett show how integrating planning, urban design and the conservation of natural systems can produce a sustainable built and natural environment, implemented through normal business practices and the kinds of capital programs and regulations already in use in most communities.

Including a diverse collection of short video lectures with hundreds of pictures, and a selection of interesting and engaging follow-up activities, extending over six weeks, the course, titled “Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs,” is targeted to urbanists all over the world – professionals but also students and active citizens.  It takes a global view, covering topics and using examples in line with the recent book of the same name, published by Island Press in 2015.

The first session of the course will start April 4th. Click here for access to the full course description.