Two professors at University of Toronto make finalists’ list for Pentagon Memorial

Two professors at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design have been named as separate finalists in a major international competition to design a memorial of September 11 outside the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Shane Williamson and Michael Meredith beat out more than 1100 other submissions to make it to a shortlist of six designs being considered for the memorial to be erected outside the Pentagon. They will each receive $20,000 to develop their concepts for a final submission. The memorial must be built on a lawn 50 metres from the west facade of the Pentagon, where a hijacked plane slammed into the building and killed 184 passengers and 5 terrorists. Williamson’s design features a large stone glass object angled in a direction similar to the hijacked plane and surrounded by a grove of 184 trees. Glass-framed voids–184 of them–would remain within the monument marked with the names of the victims and room for friends and relatives to place flowers or mementoes inside the spaces. Light would glow through them after dark. Meredith’s design features a low contoured marble pedestal that would not be complete until a visitor stepped on to it. Highly polished, the monument would bear the names of the victims. Both professors, Americans who received degrees from Harvard University around the same time, will meet with members of some fo the victims’ families to discuss their projects.