TWENTY + CHANGE 03: Call for Projects

Call for Projects or Exhibition and Publication

Twenty + Change is an ongoing exhibition and publication series dedicated to promoting emerging Canadian designers working in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, who are pushing the boundaries of their discipline. Canadian design practices working in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design are invited to submit projects for consideration for inclusion in the Twenty + Change 03 exhibition. Projects of all types, either theoretical or real and executed in any medium, are welcome. The curatorial committee will select work for presentation in an exhibition scheduled to open in June 2011, and subsequently travel to venues across Canada. A catalogue of all selected projects will be published for the exhibition and will be distributed to bookstores worldwide.

Curatorial Committee

The curatorial committee will be announced in late January, 2011.


  • Projects must be submitted by Canadian firms or individuals currently based in Canada.
  • All firms or individuals contributing to the exhibition must have completed at least one built project, regardless of scale, under their name or have a project currently under construction.
  • Firms or individuals must have been practicing independently for less than ten years.
  • Entrants must submit work done independently; no work done as an employee of a firm, where the entrant is not a principal or partner, is eligible for submission.
  • Educators may not include work done in their studios or for their teaching.
  • Projects submitted may be of any scale, new construction or renovation, and built or unbuilt. There is no restriction on where submitted projects, speculative or built, are located.
  • Projects exhibited in the Twenty + Change 01 and Twenty + Change 02 exhibitions will not be considered.

Entry Forms

Submissions must include an entry form. One entry form per firm. Entrants must submit the form

Competition Deadline

The competition deadline is Friday, February 18, 2011. Entries must be received by 5 :00pm EST. Entrants are encouraged to send their entries by traceable means such as courier or express post to ensure delivery. Twenty + Change cannot be responsible for entries received by mail after the selection process, which will be approximately a week after the deadline.

Submission Requirements

Entries shall be in the form of a panel depicting one project only. Panels must be 30″ x 30″, and should include graphic information (photography, renderings, drawings, sketches, or diagrams) and basic text information such as firm name, and project name. Panels should not include project descriptions, as these will be displayed alongside the graphic panels during the exhibition. Entrants are encouraged to submit panels showing large-format photographic images or drawings of projects.

Entrants may submit a maximum of three (3) panels – each panel can display a single separate project, or two panels maximum may be devoted to a single project. Panels are to be submitted as digital files only, on CD or DVD disk. High-resolution Adobe PDF files must be submitted (30″x30″ @ 300 dpi) for the selection process and will be used for the exhibition panels. Please include on the same disk a maximum of ten (10) high resolution individual images of each project as TIFF files (8″x10″ @ 300 dpi). Please also include a lower resolution Adobe PDF containing both your panels and written information (practice profile and project description) in a single file.

Submissions must include a description (maximum 300 words) of each submitted project and include project credits (including design team, contractor, photo credits, location, and date of the project). Entrants must also submit a single page (maximum 200 words) practice profile with pertinent practice information including firm name, firm mandate, web address, and all contact information. Entrants are strongly encouraged to articulate the areas of design interest, expertise, or research in their practice profile. All text information should be submitted as both a hard copy and a digital copy in rich-text format (RTF) on the same disk as the visual materials. Submissions in French must be accompanied by an English translation.

Entries must be received by 5:00pm on February 18, 2011 at the following address:

Twenty + Change

401 Richmond Street West

Suite 258

Toronto, Ontario

M5V 3A8

Submission Fee

Each entrant must submit a non-refundable entry fee of $50 per panel submitted for consideration. Entrants must submit a cheque payable to “Twenty + Change” or pay by cash if delivering by hand. Please do not send cash in the mail. Collected funds will go towards the costs of the exhibition and publication.


Selected practices will be notified in mid-March 2011.

Summary of Requirements

Please ensure that the following is included with your submission:

1. Adobe PDF file of project panel(s) – press quality or minimum 30″x30″ @ 300 dpi

2. Maximum 10 high-resolution images of each project submitted – 8″x10″ @ 300 dpi

3. Project description – maximum 300 words, in RTF format and hard-copy format

4. Practice profile – maximum 200 words, in RTF format and hard-copy format

5. Single Adobe PDF file containing lower-resolution panel and written information

6. Submission fee

7. Complete contact information including e-mail address and telephone.

For more information, please e-mail