“Transitions: Light on the move” competition and exhibition

This is a travelling exhibition produced by Philips containing works of several renowned lighting architects and designers which started its journey through Europe in June 2005. Since then, it has visited European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Milan, will arrive in Madrid in September this year, and will travel to other destinations like London and New York in 2007.

The aim of this series of events is to show that light offers infinite possibilities as a working material in architecture and design. New lighting technologies, such as fibre optics or LEDs allow a higher degree of experimentation than traditional lighting methods. This fact is shown in the creations of seven containers that will be exhibited in Madrid at the end of September, at Matadero Madrid. The different teams presented highly imaginative proposals which, naturally, posed technical challenges for their execution. The close collaboration with these teams of designers allowed Philips to materialise the architectural ideas, with fascinating results.

The goal of the competition is to design a lighting installation in accordance with the following design premises:
*The work must be executed in the interior of a 2.4 m x 2.4 m x 6 m container.
*The light should be the protagonist of the concept and allow visitors to the container to directly experience its influence in the space.
*The project should be based on the most innovative systems of Philips Lighting, such as LED lighting or the new dynamic lighting system for offices, further information on which can be obtained at www.lighting.philips.com.

This competition is open to professionals and students, both Spanish and foreign, in the field of architecture or any other branch of plastic arts or design such as graphic or industrial design. The submission deadline is September 12, 2006.

First prize is 5,000 Euros; second prize is 3,000 Euros, and third prize is 1,000 Euros. The Jury may grant special mentions to as many projects as it deems worthy.

For further information, please visit www.coam.es/concursos or e-mail concursos@coam.org.