Transform Toronto: Three Big Ideas That Could Transform Toronto’s Public Realm

Taking place on Friday, April 10, 2015 at the Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto, this +PLACE MAKERS event brings three of the Toronto Star’s 10 big ideas for 2014 into focus: modernize intersections to improve safety and flow; value heritage assets; and adopt a parks policy. The city has the power to implement these ideas, but how can it happen?

Building on the Canadian Urban Institute’s (CUI) mandate of inspiring leadership for healthy urban development, this seminar will help owners, developers, designers and builders understand how to:

* Make Toronto’s streets safer: Whether it’s controversy over “scramble” intersections or concerns over pedestrian deaths, there is clearly work needed to make Toronto’s Pedestrian Charter a foundation for decision-making.
* Protect our heritage assets: Activists regularly celebrate the city’s heritage buildings. How do we demonstrate the value of these assets to more than heritage enthusiasts?
* Create more green space: Every new development is required to make a contribution—in dollars or in actual open space—to improve or create green space. Is it working? As development intensifies, the need for green space increases. How does Toronto compare with other cities?

The moderator of this event is Christopher Hume of the Toronto Star, and the City of Toronto representative is James Parakh, Urban Design Manager, TEYD. The panel is comprised of: Donna Hinde, Partner, The Planning Partnership; Ken Greenberg, Principal, Greenberg Consultants Inc.; Don Loucks, Architect, Urban Designer, Heritage Planner; amd Emily Monroe, Program Director, 8-80 Cities.

Registration begins at 8:00am, followed by opening remarks at 8:30am.

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