Toronto’s 20th Annual Canstruction Aims to fill the Hunger Gap with CanArt Display

Teams of professional designers, architects, engineers and students took part in CanArt, Toronto’s 20th annual Canstruction competition in the financial district.

In an effort to fill Toronto’s hunger gap, 68,785 pounds of donated non-perishable food were built into artistic edible statues.

“Canstruction is an engaging and creative way for the design and construction community to work together in support of Daily Bread Food Bank,” said Christina Facey, co-chair of Canstruction Toronto. “More importantly, this friendly competition shines a spotlight on the fact that hunger is a reality for many people right here in our very own city.”

CanArt is on display and open for public viewing in the lobbies of the of the TD Centre at 66 Wellington Street West—TD Bank, TD North, TD South and Ernst & Young tower until May 17th. 

According to Canstruction, their competition recognizes a variety of factors. The Best Use of Labels award focuses on creative graphic possibilities, the Best Meal award considers the variety and quality of the food donated, and Structural Ingenuity regards the complexity of the design.

Canstruction Toronto is also encouraging those passing through the TD Towers, and others online, to participate in their People’s Choice Award by liking a picture of their favourite sculpture through Canstruction Toronto’s Facebook page. The contest closes on Sunday, May 19th at noon.

Canstruction Toronto 2019 winning “Canstructures”:

Best Original Design
WSP and Architecture49

Photo Credit: David Crowder Photography

Ending food insecurity is not an abstract idea—particularly not as abstract as a mobius strip!

Structural Ingenuity
EllisDon & Zeilder Partnership Architects
CANadian Moose

Photo Credit: David Crowder Photography

The CANadian Moose team was inspired to help their community conquer hunger by the CANadian Moose, a symbol of endurance and a highly protective animal that will defend its most vulnerable from adversity, showing solidarity and togetherness.

Best Use of Labels
RJC Engineers
A Balanced Lunch Tray Keeps Hunger at Bay

Photo Credit: David Crowder Photography

RJC Engineers’ structure depicts a balanced lunch with food items from all of Canada’s food groups and a cupcake treat to celebrate the 20th birthday of Canstruction Toronto

Best Meal
Aercoustics Engineering Ltd.
Many Cans Make Light Work

Photo Credit: David Crowder Photography

The ‘barn raising’ is one of rural North America’s oldest humanitarian rituals; Aercoustics Engineering Ltd.’s barn-silo CANstructure symbolizes the coming together of a community to invest in the wellbeing of those who need it most, and has been built from vegetables commonly grown on farms across Ontario.

Honourable Mention
Hunger CAN “Gogh”

Photo Credit: David Crowder Photography

Gensler’s aim this year is to re-create Vincent Van Gogh’s Self Portrait out of cans, this structure is made up of 3326 cans that are being donated in effort to help end hunger because we believe Hunger CAN “Gogh”.

Canstruction Toronto 2019 Participants:

Photo captions courtesy of Canstruction Toronto.