Toronto designers launch custom-fit, 3D-printed face mask

Photo courtesy Luxmea

As a response to COVID-19, Toronto- and Boston-based LuxMea Studio has developed a 3D-printed mask adapted to individual facial profiles.

LuxMea studio has been working on mass customizable products for the two years with Autodesk research residency and doctors from the Massachusetts General Hospital. The chief medical officer from Massachusetts’ Steward Health Care is currently the trial user of this mask, and has started ordering more for protection.

Photo courtesy Luxmea

The team is raising funds to start production of the masks through a Kickstarter campaign.

The customization process takes place through an online platform that walks users through a series of facial measurements. These are used to generate a bespoke mask model, using AI and generative design. LuxMea is partnering with 3D-manufacturer Shapeways, who will 3D print each mask in New York City and deliver it to customers’ doors.

Prototypes for the 3D printed mask. Photo courtesy Luxmea

The mask is reusable, washable and comes with replaceable filters. Because of its customized fit, masks can be made for children as well as adults, and sits comfortably while minimizing air leakage. Fashion-forward possibilities include customized colours and graphics.

Photo courtesy Luxmea

“The 3D printed mask validates the future of production,” writes Luxmea, who envisages the potential for 3D printing technology to create mass-customized products in many spheres. “The production line operates efficiently with minimum material and energy waste. It is also an example of how 3D Printers can be used as an alternative production power to remedy an urgent situation.”

To back the Kickstarter campaign and pre-order a 3D-printed mask, visit this site.

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