Toronto Design Offsite Festival call for submissions to White Out

As designers know well, there is no such thing as a singular white. There are many whites. Cloud white, snow white, ivory white, ultra white, dune white, moonlight white, winter white, chalk white, antique white, timid white, to name only a few within the Benjamin Moore paint collection. In paper, plaster, and textiles, the diversity of white only multiplies. The colour white also changes over time and under environmental conditions, rendering one white whiter than another of the same ilk. White Out (working title) is an exhibition exploring the colour and concept of white.

Responding to the exhibition concept of white, we invite you to submit 2D, 3D or 4D objects and works that are white, or about the colour white. Submissions of existing work is preferred; however, submissions of new work that has not yet been made will be considered. The work will be exhibited during the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO), running from January 19-25, 2015.

Submissions are due Friday, October 17, 2014.

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