Top 10 green products.

The editors of GreenSpec and Environmental Building News have selected ten award-winning building products for 2003. Now in its second year, the awards scheme announced winners earlier this month at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild Conference in Pittsburgh. A wide spectrum of products and applications are covered, to be used in both commercial buildings and residential applications. Winning criteria for the award-winning products range from recycle content, biobasis of materiality, water saving, durability and even as aid in the restoration of ecosystems. They include, in no order: EnvironOxide pigment, an iron oxide pigment recovered from abandoned coal mine drainage by Iron Oxide Recovery, Inc.; BioBase 501 soy-based foam insulation, a low-density open-cell polyurethane spray-foam insulation derived in part from soybean oil, by Bio-Based Systems; MemBrain “smart” vapour retarder, made from a polyamide (nylon-6) film that changes permeability according to relative humidity, by CertainTeed Corporation; American Pride latex paint, a low-odour interior latex paint, the first latex paint utilizing biobased material as a building block and that has virtually no smell, by Southern Diversified Products, LLC; Keim Mineral silicate paints, with potassium silicate dissolved in water as a binder that produces a process of petrification finish when applied, by Cohalan Company, Inc.; EnvironGT wall and corner guards, made from 100% post-industrial recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) (and where wood is used, FSC-certified ash) and unlike the usual PVC wall and corner guards, by InPro Corporation; Case Systems laboratory casework, which does not off-gas formaldehyde and has improved moisture resistance as a result of its manufacturing process switching from wood-fiber particleboard to straw-based particleboard, by Case Systems, Inc.; the Mirra office chair, with a minimum number of components and with 96% of the chair’s content specifically designed for recycling and made from polypropylene and nylon-6, by Herman Miller; Hot Water D’MAND system, an electronically activated water-pumping system that quickly delivers hot water to a fixutre while returning water that has been sitting in the hot-water pipes back to the hot-water tank, by Taco, Inc. and the TOTO EcoPower faucets, a sensor-activated faucet that relies on a tiny hydropower generator to keep a manganese dioxide lithium battery charged rather than relying on the building’s electrical system or labour and environmental costs of regular battery replacement, by TOTO USA, Inc. Additional information on the products is available at