TONIGHT: Landscape Infrastructure as Renewal Ecologically, Socially and Economically

The monthly meeting of the Toronto Society of Architects takes place at 6:30pm TONIGHT on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 and features guests Diana Gerrard, partner in gh3; Charles Waldheim, Director of the Master of Landscape Program at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design, University of Toronto; and Mark Bekkering of the Toronto Environment Office. Phil Goodfellow, TSA Vice Chair, will moderate.


Over the past five years, the emerging discipline of landscape infrastructure has been mapping the role that natural and man-made infrastructures have had on society. Its research has uncovered the growing “differed maintenance” and “planned obsolescence” of many of the man-made, civil engineering works from the turn of the century. It has also revealed the natural systems that these civil works attempted to mechanize, bury or erase and proposes that they could be re-examined as integrated systems in our urban world, returning part of the city to the natural cycles that have been long lost.


With our current economic reinvestment calling for broad-based infrastructural renewal, how can these lessons be applied to create the social and ecological infrastructures for the next 50 years? Can this infrastructure investment cycle be different than the previous cycles of “roads and pipes” infrastructure? How can communities be involved in small changes that effect large systems, like community food production and down-spot disconnection?


The meeting takes place in the Great Hall of the Arts & Letters Club, located at 14 Elm Street in Toronto.

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