Timberfever Announces 2019 Winners

Students from architecture and civil engineering programs were tasked with building a wooden Urban Parklet with limited supplies at TimberFever’s 5th design-build competition, hosted by Ryerson University.

Industry leaders volunteered to mentor the 16 teams and judge the completed parklets, and Carpenters Union (Local 27) provided hands-on support during construction.

1st Place Winner “Urban Whirlpool”

This year, team “Urban Whirlpool” came in first place while “Floating Garden” came in second, and “Urban Comb” claimed third place.

Inspired by the Defi Cecobois competition held annually by Cecobois in Québec, TimberFever is presented by Moses Structural Engineers and brings architecture and civil engineering students from universities across Canada to build a life-size structure out of wood.

2nd Place Winner “Floating Garden”

Their mission also includes creating collaborations between students of architecture and engineering, while developing design, construction and communication skills that will be invaluable to their future careers.

“We’re working hard to make this a national competition,” said David Moses at the TimberFever Awards Ceremony this past Sunday. “TimberFever’s 5-year anniversary was a tremendous success with architecture and civil engineering students from universities across Canada, including Ryerson, U of T, UNB, McGill and more.”

3rd Place Winner “Urban Comb”