Architects’ Association of New Brunswick hosts photo contest

After successfully co-hosting the RAIC’s 2018 Festival of Architecture, the Architects’ Association of New Brunswick (AANB) is hosting the “Architecture Through Your Lens” photography competition, which invites business and individuals across the province to celebrate the architecture — and architectural eyes — of New Brunswick. Premised on the notion that architecture builds communities, the contest is open to a wide range of New Brunswick residents, with six prizes available in all.AANB, Architecture Through Your Lens

Alongside an adult (18+) category, two youth categories are also offered for the Architecture Through Your Lens competition. For children 12 and under, two prizes are offered, along with another two awards for youth ages 13-17. The six prizes being offered are pre-paid VISA gift cards, at values ranging from $100-$750.

Any members of an architectural regulatory/licensing association or institute are not permitted to enter the Architecture Through Your Lens Photography Contest. Any submissions received by individuals who are members will be disqualified. The Architecture Through Your Lens contest runs until September 7. More information about the contest is available via the AANB’s official website, linked here.

The Architects’ Association of New Brunswick (AANB or the Association) is a corporate self-regulating body, established in 1933, for the purpose of advancing and maintaining the standards of architecture in New Brunswick, for governing and regulating those offering architectural services and for the safeguarding of members of the general public and the profession. The AANB Architects Act & By-Laws, which are a statute of the Government of New Brunswick, establishes the guidelines for membership in the Association and the practice of architecture in New Brunswick.

Registered members of the AANB are highly-trained professionals who have successfully completed a university degree, mandatory practical training/ experience and an extensive architectural registration examination process. Members are then granted the right to call themselves an ‘Architect’ and use the designation ‘AANB.’