Three-part design competition in Maribor, Slovenia

The International Union of Architects (UIA) has announced the launch of an international competition for the plan of three sites on the river Drava, in Maribor city centre. This single-stage ideas competition is part of a vast town planning and redevelopment program in this Slovenian city that was designated the European Capital of Culture 2012.


Organized by the Municipality of Maribor and the Union of Architects of Maribor with the support of the UIA Slovenian Section, the competition conforms to the UIA-UNESCO regulations, and has been approved by the UIA. The competition covers three sites: the plan of the river embankment, the design of a footbridge; and the design of the Maribor Art Gallery. Competitors are invited to submit a project for one, two or three programs. Each program will be presented and adjudicated separately.


One jury will adjudicate the entries for the river Drava embankment and those for the footbridge. This jury is comprised of architects Roger Riewe (Austria), Sasa Begovic (Croatia), Ales Vodopivec, Uros Lobnik, Stojan Skalicky (all of Slovenia), critic and publisher Andreas Ruby (Germany), and landscape architect Ana Kucan (Slovenia). Deputy members include architects Andrej Smid (Slovenia) and Luciano Lazzari (Italy).


Another jury will adjudicate the entries for the Maribor Art Gallery. It is comprised of architects Hrvoje Njiric (Croatia), Peter L. Wilson (Australia), Jürgen Hermann Mayer (Germany), Stojan Skalicky, Matevz Celik, Marko Studen (all of Slovenia), and Director of the Tate Gallery Liverpool, Christoph Grunenberg (United Kingdom). Deputy members include Slovenian architects Uros Lobnik and Vojko Pavcic.


The deadline for registration is December 12, 2009, followed by the submission deadline of February 26, 2010.


The competition is open to architects worldwide, whose national professional organizations are members of the UIA. The competition language is English. The registration fee is 150 € and is payable online at time of registration.


A total of 176,000 € will be awarded in prizes. For the embankment plan, 1st prize is 30,000 €, 2nd prize is 15,000 €, and 3rd prize is 8,000 €. For the design of the footbridge, 1st prize is 30,000 €, 2nd prize is 15,000 €, and 3rd prize is 8,000 €. For the design of the art gallery, 1st prize is 40,000 €, 2nd prize is 20,000 €, and 3rd prize is 10,000 €.


For more information, and to register for the competition, please visit or e-mail