Thomas Auer of Transsolar speaks on high comfort and low impact

Thomas Auer delivers this lecture at 6:00pm on September 23, 2014 in the Centre Space of the John A. Russell Building at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture.

Thomas started his career in 1994 shortly after Transsolar was founded and his outstanding engineering aptitude and leadership qualities brought him onto the management board of the company in 2000. Based on his deep understanding of integrated building systems and energy efficiency in buildings, he has developed energy and building service concepts for projects around the world noted for their innovative design and energy performance. His concepts are an integral part of signature architecture. Thomas has collaborated with world-renowned architects on numerous international design projects and competitions. His projects have become milestones in the history of the company, such as KfW Bank in Frankfurt and Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Damascus. Manitoba Hydro, an office tower in downtown Winnipeg, is considered one of the most energy-efficient high-rise buildings in North America.

Outdoor comfort strategies and carbon-neutral urban developments have also become an important part of Thomas’s work. As a result, he cofounded the initiative Future City Lab, an internet platform that allows experts, students and clients such as city governments to connect with the goal to develop potential scenarios for the cities in 2050.

Outside of Transsolar, Thomas taught at the Yale University School of Architecture until 2009. Since then he has been a visiting professor and lecturer at UCLA, ESA in Paris, University Sassari Sardinia and at Ryerson University in Toronto. He speaks frequently at conferences and symposia. In 2010, Thomas received the Treehugger “Best of Green” award as “Best Engineer.”