The Universal Design Professional Development Series

This sequence of interdisciplinary workshops is presented by the Design Exchange in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. The workshops introduce designers and other professionals to the concepts of Universal Design and how they can create accessible products, services and environments for people with disabilities and the aging population.

These multidisciplinary, themed workshops are comprised of skilled facilitators, keynote speakers, hands-on activities, print materials and online resources. Professionals will learn principles, concepts, and practical applicability. Successful case studies will be presented and demonstrate how to integrate Universal Design principles in their everyday work to improve accessibility.

The series will run six monthly workshops plus one design charrette from January 2005 through to June 2005. Best practices and workshop results will be gathered into an Exchange publication slated to be launched in November 2005 to coincide with the opening of the exhibition, Designing for the Cold.

Workshop #1 – Introduction to Universal Design – January 17, 2005
Workshop #2 – Universal Design for the Cold – February 28, 2005
Workshop #3 – Universal Park Design for the 21st Century – March 21, 2005
Design Charette – Urban Parkette – March 22, 2005
Workshop #4 – Creating a Universally Accessible Community – April 26, 2005
Workshop #5 – Universal Web Design – May 24, 2005
Workshop #6 – Universal Home: Safety and Egressibility – June 20, 2005

Full Series $300 DX-member or student / $225 Non-member
Workshops $30 DX member or student / $40 Non-member
Charette $75 DX member or student / $75 Non-member
More Info:
Registration: Contact Carolina Eyzaguirre
(416) 216-2138