The Sudbury 2050 Urban Design Competition finalists announced

The Sudbury 2050 — Urban Design Competition has announced the finalists for its ideas competition.

Led by the McEwen School of Architecture (MSoA) in collaboration with the community, the competition challenged entrants to create a new vision for the urban core of the City of Greater Sudbury.

The entrants were invited to select one or more programs, including a new library, art gallery, conference centre, and performance centre, new housing typologies for a range of incomes, reimagining the space occupied by the railway lines, and a new arena and event centre. They were asked to address the placement and urban design issues related to their chosen program(s) as part of their integrated vision for the city in 2050.

The competition includes $63,000 in prizes, with awards for the best professional entry, best student entry, and a People’s Choice award.

Finalist presentations of the student entries take place on Monday, November 23 from 5-7 pm, in an online forum moderated by CityLab director Lisa Rochon. Finalist presentations of the professional entries take place on Tuesday, November 24 from 5-8 pm, in an online forum moderated by The Agenda host and Laurentian University Chancellor Steve Paikin.

Here are the finalists by individuals, teams, firms/studios from the OPEN (professional) category:
Team #0322
Collectif Escargo: Karyna St-Pierre, Julie Parenteau, Émilie Labrousse, Pierre-Yves Diehl

Team #0582
Sahana Dharmaraj, Jenna Lamb, Anastasia Renaud, Taylor Um, Kevan Cress, Shannon McMillan

Alimentary Urbanism
Urbanisme alimentaire
Team #1116
Jesse LeCavalier, Jake Rosenwald, Jennifer Chau, Tran Michael Wideman, Connor Stevens, Siqi Wang

Pollinating Sudbury

Team #3478

Dongsei Kim, Tommy Yang

Northern Traction
Team #3802

Zain Karsan, Natalie Bellefleur

The Woods Fellowship
Team #4665
Alexander Cassini, Daniela Leon, Christopher Alton

Sudbury Center: Growing The Forest City
Team #6943
Eric Pearse

Ma-sh-ki-ki-ke: A story of healing, pour nous et pour la terre
Team #8341
Emilio Portal, Matthew Hunter, Jayden Daoust, Elyse Portal, William Morin, Miranda Virtanen, Naomi Grant, Cora-Rae Silk, Camille Tremblay Beaulieu, Simon Blakeley, Rebecca Elphick, Megan Tran

Here are the finalists by entrants registered in a full-time program of studies at a higher education institution:

Collective City
Team #0351
Jesse Martyn

Green Railway: Connecting People
Team #0452
Cristian Ovidiu Pavel

Urban Constellation: Sudbury, a dreaming city
Constellation urbaine : Sudbury, rêver la ville
Team #1478
Gaël Biache, Elise Dalmasso

Bold & Beautiful
Team #4245
Bryan Jian Hao Goh, Charmaine Chua Wei Ying, Chun Ho Christopher Wong, Nabhatsorn Na Thalang, Rachel Yi En Chiam, and Tessa Hui Zhi Tan

Team #5213
Aidan Lucas, Maeve Macdonald

For more information on the projects, and to register for the competition’s two presentation and community engagement session on November 23 and November 24, visit: