The Shape of the Toronto Suburbs: why they are like they are

This is a series of four lectures about creating a framework for suburban growth in Toronto, 1945-2000. The lectures will be delivered by John Sewell, a member of the Order of Canada who has been engaged in city politics in Toronto since the 1960s as a community organizer, city councillor, mayor, journalist, activist, writer, housing administrator, and social entrepreneur. This lecture series was sponsored by the Kitty Lundy Memorial Fund, and was first presented in November 2005 at Atkinson College, York University.

John Sewell’s first lecture will form the inaugural Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) Forum, a regular bi-monthly city event to be held at 7:00pm at the Gladstone Hotel, sponsored by UrbanSpace. The TSA Forum brings together architects and friends of architecture and the city for conversation, lectures, panels, and more conversation.

The lecture schedule is as follows.

*February 6, 2006: The Real Story Behind the Superhighways, 1930 to Now
*February 13, 2006: Servicing the Fields of Dreams
*February 20, 2006: Jigging Government Structures to Promote Suburban Growth
*February 28, 2006: Glorious 905, and the Way Ahead