The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada announces new 2005 president

The RAIC is pleased to announce its 2005 president, Yves Gosselin, FIRAC and new Executive Committee:

*Yves Gosselin, FIRAC President
*Vivian Manasc, FRAIC First Vice-President and President-Elect
*Kiyoshi Matsuzaki, FRAIC Second Vice-President and Treasurer
*Christopher Fillingham, PP/FRAIC Immediate Past-President

Yves Gosselin is the Director of Architecture and Engineering Resources for Public Works and Government Services Canada responsible for the management of professionals in architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design, and civil engineering. The group provides a wide range of services to others in the Real Property area with a particular focus on the establishment of standards and best practices. He is also responsible within these disciplines at the national level for providing functional direction and guidance to regional staff. To view a message from Yves Gosselin, please visit

Three regional director positions Alberta/NWT, Saskatchewan/Manitoba, and Atlantic will be open for election this summer. RAIC members are encouraged to nominate candidates.

It should also be noted that the College of Fellows has a new Chancellor, Paul-Andr Ttreault, AP/FIRAC.