The OAA announces theme for the SHIFT 2021 Challenge

The OAA announced the theme for its second biennial SHIFT Challenge as resiliency. The organization challenges entrants to explore the intersection of architecture and resiliency, and to propose ideas that advance design thinking to reach new heights.

“Whether in a literal sense or in a figurative one, the concept of resiliency can be seen as a type of flexibility, characterized by its inherent strength and elasticity,” says the OAA. “When applied to the built environment, resiliency is a powerful concept that can take on many dimensions, from the physical, economic, and environmental to the cultural, social, virtual, and spiritual.”

The SHIFT Architecture Challenge is a biennial program created to highlight the distinct contribution architects and architectural thinking bring to addressing key societal issues. It invites Ontario architects, interns, architecture students, and their collaborative teams to respond to an identified area of concern using their skills and insights.

The Challenge calls for participants to articulate the importance of architectural thinking as a social determinant that impacts the well-being of people and the planet, enable the architectural profession to be viewed by the public in a new light; and reflect the capacity for design thinking to permeate all aspects of life.

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