The International Garden Festival Announces the Designers for its 21st Edition

Five new projects from South Korea, France, Montréal and Toronto will be featured at the 21st edition of the International Garden Festival. The new gardens will be on display at Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens from June 20 to October 4, 2020.

Métissages is the theme for the 21st edition and the new installations offer hybrids of colours and textures drawn from marine life, the environment and cultures from around the world.

Visitors will additionally have access to over 25 gardens, each one pushing the frontiers of contemporary design and offering a mix of curated environments, natural experiences, horticultural staging and human creativity.

The five gardens include:

Augmented Grounds
by Soomeen Hahm, Architect, Jaeheon Jung, Architect and Yumi Lee, Landscape Architect


Augmented Grounds is inspired by the traditional sash of the Métis nation of the Western Plains. The garden represents harmony through colourful ropes that are tightly laid on top of sculpted terrain. The garden is made possible by using smart construction technology that uses augmented reality for its layout and installation.

Corps de résonance
by Charlotte Barbeau, Designer, Leila Desrosiers, Designer, Félix Roy, Environmental Designer and Jean-Benoit Trudelle, Architect


Corps de résonance is a musical folly that takes form in a forest glade. Visitors move in and around this giant instrument that comes to life in the playing, vibrating along with the sounds of the forest.

by Waiyee Chou, Landscape Architect and Carlos Portillo, Landscape Architect

Toronto and Montréal

ENTWINE incorporates the ancient knot-tying technique of Macramé to highlight the varieties of plants hybridized for horticulture. Inside a spiral, visitors are free to wander between suspended vessels and become entwined with the structure’s cords.

Forêt corallienne
by Lucie Bulot, Architect and Dylan Collins, Architect


Forêt corallienne is a coral forest of a different kind. A community of limestone creatures takes root in the forest, a métissage of colour and form that creates an unusual landscape and a new hybrid world.

by Duke Truong, Architect


(Mé)Tissages is a woven landscape that invites visitors to enter through layers of elastic elements into a space created by the weaving of various elements. This experimental garden unites visitors through a shared experience of an installation that combines architecture and nature. (Mé)Tissages is also an invitation to question the links between communities. Visitors discover a multiplicity of landscapes that resonate as visitors explore and read between the lines.

Two projects also received a special mention from the jury:

Entre vents et marées
by Emmanuelle Loslier, Landscape Architect and Camille Zaroubi, Landscape Architect


Zoétrope métis
by Sami Tannoury, Architect


The proposals submitted to the 2020 competition are exhibited on line at: