The Houses of Doctor Dee at Toronto’s Gibsone Jessop Gallery

This exhibition is the first examination of John Dee’s 16th-century contribution to magic and technology from the perspective of contemporary architectural design. It is comprised of original drawings, prints and audio work.

The Bartlett UCL and its graduates represent one of the top schools of architecture in the UK, committed to a national and international standard of built and theoretical architectural designs. The artists include Neil Spiller, Peg Rawes, Stuart Munro, Randy Lie Ken Jie and Chris Groothuizen, members of the academic staff and graduates who are now practicing architects in international firms of Foster and Partners and Alsop Architects.

Dr. John Dee (1527-1609) was a British visionary with an interest in alchemy, astronomy, astrology, mathematics and the occult. He possessed more than 4,000 books, the largest library in England at the time. Dee was official photographer and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, and was the inspiration for the characters of Prospero and King Lear in William Shakespeare’s plays.

The exhibition runs from September 11 to October 06, 2004 at the Gibson Jessop Gallery at #4 Distillery Lane, 55 Mill Street in Toronto. For more information, please call 416.360.6800.