The Ecological Engineer Volume One: KEEN Engineering

By David R. Macaulay and Jason F. McLennan. Kansas City, MO: Ecotone LLC, 2006.

This book is the first of what is intended to be a continuing series of publications highlighting the important role of engineering in sustainable design. This volume examines the practices and principles that Canada’s KEEN Engineering–now absorbed into the massive Stantec empire–employ in producing structures, systems and technologies that embody sustainable design. Organized into three critical sections–Practice, Principles and Projects–the book describes actual examples and case studies of green design from the perspectives of engineers and architects who have worked on building projects around the world. Some of the impressive case studies include such prominent projects as Vancouver’s Library Square (1995), the computer science laboratory at York University (2002), and the revolutionary Dockside Green project in Victoria which is currently under construction. Photographs and illustrations of innovative projects completed by KEEN over the past 15 years further elucidate fundamental concepts, and diagrams are provided to guide the engineer through the design process. Energy conservation, lighting and ventilation are some of the issues that are covered, as are strategies and technologies that facilitate the cost effectiveness of high-performance and distinctive design. The book is commendable for advancing our common goal of greening the environment and creating sustainable communities, building by building.