CCA Calls for Master’s Students Program Applications

Applications are open until late March for three Master's students to engage in research in collaboration with community members of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake First Nation.

The CCA’s Masters Program encourages students at Canadian architecture schools to take up urgent questions of public relevance to the built environment nationally and internationally.

Master’s Students Program: Looking at Canada
Power Corporation of Canada Award
Research, June 2014 to August 2014. Giovanni Chiaramonte, photographer. Toronto-Dominion Centre seen from the street, Toronto. 1999. CCA, PH1999:0133

Through a three-month collaborative project at the Study Centre, participants will engage with the CCA’s collection, participate in seminars and other pedagogical activities, and articulate their own understanding of architecture as a public concern.

“In the Postcolony,” is a three-year thematic cycle that examines how architecture and urbanism continue to respond to the long echoes of colonial practices of spatial dispossession.

Each summer, a group of three Masters researchers narrows their focus to a particular territory that continues to be subject to what Achille Mbembe describes as the resonances of the “banality of power”—everyday infrastructures that shape public life.

The 2022 CCA Masters Program will be undertaken in collaboration with community members of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake First Nation as well as Shiri Pasternak, a long-time ally of Barriere Lake and a faculty member in Criminology at X University in Toronto.

The three selected students will engage in research and put forward a project that responds to the community’s current initiative to build a multipurpose healing centre on their territory. The community lives on a fifty-nine-acre reserve approximately three hours north of Ottawa, in what is now known as the Outaouais region of Quebec. The healing centre will support community members recently released from prison while they wait for spots in long-term treatment centres.

Candidates for the Summer 2022 Masters Students Program are invited to submit applications that describe how their research interests, professional endeavours, volunteer experiences, and design philosophies align with the 2022 theme.

All applications must be submitted online through the CCA application portal by March 21, 2022.

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