The CCA announces public screening of The Self Is Not Enough this Thursday

The CCA is inviting all of its audience to join them for a public screening of The Self Is Not Enough on July 9th.

The 75-minute program, a version which was originally live broadcast for the CCA’s annual gala, was created to question and collectively reimagine what cities of the future might look like, and to consider what architects and urbanists can learn from this crisis to help define new ideas, behaviours, and priorities.

The program of The Self is Not Enough includes a preview the CCA’s new short documentary film “On my Own” on singletons, addressing the global rise of people living alone.

Searching for ways to reshape individualism toward a shared future, the CCA begins the program by posing questions to voices from within its global network: Kayoko Ota reports on Tokyo and anticipating the next disaster; Martin Huberman finds unusual solidarity in Buenos Aires; Doreen Adengo describes unequal effects in Kampala; and Guido Beltramini reflects on the health infrastructure of Vicenza.

The CCA also speaks with sociologist Eric Klinenberg, who is in favour of social solidarity rather than social distancing; architect Sam Chermayeff, whose projects investigate sharing and sociability at scales ranging from a table to an apartment building; and Greg Lynn and Nicholas Negroponte, about potential transformations to come, roles for technology, and whether we will ever use elevators again.

“Now, as people around the world emerge from isolation, or re-enter it again for those who face another wave, there is a shared pulse of awareness and concern,” says the CCA. “Let us turn toward this tension and explore it, looking with curiosity and care at the interactions between people, their immediate surroundings, and the city—how they fit into and need one another.”

“We’ve always found new perspectives important, so the program also includes statements from the young researchers of Is There An Expert In The Room—Aged 13-16?, and a preview of our upcoming film documentary on the growing numbers of people who live by themselves, starting with a case study of Japan,” says the CCA.

Join the CCA on July 9 at 2pm on YouTube or at 6 pm on Facebook. Both programs will be followed by a live chat with CCA Director Giovanna Borasi and Curator Lev Bratishenko.