The Architectural Institute of British Columbia and the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia sign a Memorandum of Agreement

The Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) and the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia (AFBC) are pleased to announce that the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

Tis MOA signifies a renewed and reinvigorated working relationship between the Institute and Foundation. While both entities relate to the architectural profession, they have mutually distinct mandates.

The AIBC regulates the profession of architecture in British Columbia in the interest of the public. By contrast, the AFBC makes architecture and design more accessible by promoting awareness and excellence through a variety of programs and annual events.

Both organizations are committed to working together to support their respective mandates throughout the province.

“We are delighted that the relationship between the Foundation and the Institute has been revitalized. The AFBC is in an excellent position to deliver advocacy-focused initiatives, which increase the understanding and appreciation of the profession. This is particularly important given the limitations posed by the Institute’s self-regulatory mandate in the area of advocacy,” said Mark Vernon, CEO of the AIBC. “They have our full support, and we look forward to working together in the years to come.”

The AFBC is now directed by a 10-person board, which manages the Foundation.

The executive team will lead the AFBC through various programs in order to connect B.C. communities with matters related to design.

This includes educating the general public on the profession of architecture, and supporting the design community through the provision of grants and scholastic awards.

In addition, the AFBC coordinates events and fundraising activities in support of their initiatives.

“The AFBC board is pleased with the progress we have made over the past 12 months, especially in regard to the revitalized relationship with the AIBC,” said Jim Toy, Board Chair of the AFBC. “As believers in the power of design to solve problems and improve lives, the AFBC will fulfill a mandate to raise awareness about the value of design in the built environment through programming and advocacy.”

The new AFBC board consists of:

Kim Barnsley Architect AIBC
Senior Manager, Design & Development
Keltic Canada Development Ltd.

Grace Battiston
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
Architectural Institute of British Columbia

Sehr Bokhari MSc Arch

Department of Interior Design
LaSalle College, Vancouver

Brando Ciccone

Marketing Manager
Stilewood International Door & Window

Darryl Condon Architect AIBC
Managing Principal
HCMA Architecture + Design

Karl Gustavson Architect AIBC
Karl Gustavson Architect Inc.

Scott M. Kemp Architect AIBC
Scott M. Kemp Architect

Jeff McLellan

Architects & Engineers, Practice Leader (Western Region), BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.
Christopher Pollard R.I.D.

Principal and Managing Partner
RATIO Architecture Interior Design Planning

Jim Toy R.I.D. (AFBC Board Chair)
False Creek Design Group Ltd.