The 2007 Cohos Evamy Iris Prize

The Cohos Evamy Iris Prize was established in 2005 to encourage and support design and technical excellence in our practice and to recognize the important role we play in our communities. This initiative supports the research and creative exploration that is at the core of Cohos Evamys vision as a leading, fully integratedesign studio in North America.

The Iris Prize provides the opportunity for the successful recipient to undertake a research project based on a field of study of interest to him/her and to our profession. The intent is to enrich and advance the candidates personal and professional experience and knowledge in a topic relevant to the practice of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and/or Planning.

The value of the award is up to $7,500 for project related expenses plus two weeks paid leave to conduct field research. The application deadline for the award is March 1, 2007. The successful candidate will be notified and the award publicly announced by March 30, 2007.

This award is open annually to any member of Cohos Evamy, with the exception of the Partners and Jury members. Submissions will be accepted from teams or individuals, and entry is limited to one submission per individual/team. Submissions from previous years will not be accepted. In the case of a team selection, the expense award and the two-week leave shall be shared. For example, a team of two will be eligible for one week paid leave each. All submissions are to be anonymous. Disclosure of identity may result in disqualification. The study is to be completed and presented by the end of March 2008.

Selection criteria include: the relevance of the chosen field of study to the practice of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and/or Planning; the specific nature of the investigation relative to the chosen field of study; and the project expense budget and schedule.

The application is to be received by Cohos Evamy no later than 12:00 noon on March 1, 2007 (a drop-off box will be provided in each studio). The successful candidate(s) will prepare a talk for presentation and publication. Cohos Evamy will organize the talk together with a reception in each of our Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary studios. Travel and publication expenses for the presentation will be funded separately from the study prize.

The members of the 2007 Iris Prize jury are Craig Applegath, Donna Clare, Alan Collyer, Jeff DiBattista and 2006 award recipients Joshua Lall and Adrienne Tuer.

Project description and methodology must be a maximum of 1,000 words plus images (if applicable). Further details on the submission can be found at