“That’s It” Architectural Competition

Artcity and Peepshow International are sponsoring this international architectural competition, calling for an investigation of the hypothetical interstitial forms between objects of a city. Choose an “edge condition” of your liking from anywhere or select one from the Artcity website and investigate the occurrence of an apostrophe between the objects. In other words, if a “structure” were to exist between particular objects for example, the building and street what would it look like and what emotional characteristic would it possess? Artcity is looking for interesting methods of representation; graphic novel, video, collage, etc. that incorporates the form of the apostrophe as well as what it may appear like travelling through it (in narrative). The experiential quality of the apostrophe with the relevance of what is being “apostrophed’ will be what is judged. Any format is welcome.

The jury is comprised of Sami Rintala, Thomas Mical and Sharif Khan. $1,000 will be awarded to each of three winners plus flight and accommodation in Calgary, Alberta, to enact their designs onto sites at 1:1 scale for the Artcity Festival, which takes place in September 2008.

The deadline for submissions is June 9, 2008. There is a nominal $25 CDN entry fee.

For more information, please visit www.art-city.ca/2008peepshow-call.pdf